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Badia in the heart of the Dolomites

A village where tradition, sport and nature live in harmony

The village of Badia includes the localities of San Leonardo and Pedraces and is surrounded by the nature of the Ladin Dolomites. Badia is located between two jewels of Val Badia: the nature park Fanes- Sennes- Braies and the nature park Puez- Odles, both declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2009.

Despite the growth of tourism, Badia is one of the villages in Val Badia that retains a strong connection to the traditions and the Ladin culture. Witnesses of this connection are many rural buildings, such as the “Viles”, residential areas that have retained the features of the Ladin architecture. Nowhere else are traditions and customs of Ladin people cherished more than in Badia. Its citizens love to introduce tourists to the local traditions. For this purpose, themed events are organised during the whole year, such as the “Noza da Paur” or the Leonardiritt.

Many places around the village are worth a visit. The emblem of the pilgrimage church Santa Croce with the mountain Sas dla Crusc in the background, the findings of the Mesolithic- culture in the hamlet of Sotcialstel, the birth-house of Holy Joseph Freinademetz in Oies, the medows of Armentarola and of course the symbol of Val Badia: the mountain Sasso Croce, Sas dla Crusc in Ladin language.

During the summer, tourists can choose between hiking, biking, climbing and relaxing in a natural environment of rare beauty, while in winter they can ski on the best slopes in the Alps with ski tours such as the Sella Ronda and the Tour of the Great War.